Tim Peters was Pastor at Beechwood Chapel on the Wirral when he died in 2015, after having trained at Christ Church Liverpool. Tim was a whirlwind of ideas, energy and commitment to the cause of the Gospel, always laughing, full of fun while serious about the right things. He used to remind us to preach the Gospel to ourselves every day and his military experience helped him marshal a small group of faithful Christians into action as he took a team from Christ Church Liverpool to Beechwood Chapel. Several friends moved there to help with the ministry due to their trust in Tim’s leadership, as well as his infectious love for the Gospel. Tim was diagnosed with a brain tumour in December 2014, and after a year of coping bravely with the difficult treatment, and warmly commending Jesus in every way that he could, he went to be with the Lord on 5th December 2015, aged 26.

What is the aim of the fund?

what is the aim of the fund? One of Tim’s great passions was training people for Gospel work, so some of his family and friends would like to set up a fund to help people with the costs of this as a fitting memorial to him. The aim of the fund is to promote and encourage training in all aspects of gospel ministry, particularly for individuals and churches that might otherwise struggle to fund it. It is not intended to be restricted to people planning to enter full time ministry, but it is for people who would love to be better equipped to serve their churches and tell their communities about Jesus.

So far as individual giving is concerned, we want this fund to be new money. This means that we don’t want you to divert any money that you already give (as part of your regular giving) to Tim’s fund. Instead we want this fund to represent money that is given on top of regular giving, whether it’s a one-off gift or a continuing gift over a period. The fund will be administered by North West Partnership – this will save on admin costs and also mean that Gift Aid is available for any gifts. Grants will be made by North West Partnership on the recommendations of a small task group consisting of Tim’s family members and other connected individuals. Tom Askew, an elder at Christ Church Liverpool often tells us that it was at Tim’s funeral that he made his decision to reduce his working hours and do some theological training. He says “After having met with Tim one to one when he was a student, it hit me at his funeral how well spent his short life had been, and I wanted to do everything I could to make my own life count in the same way:’ Tom was able to fund his own training; in memory of Tim we would love to make the route to getting trained to serve Jesus even more open to all different types of people. As we had read at Tim’s funeral: “Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labour in the Lord is not in vain:’

For more information, you can CLICK HERE for the Tim Peters Training Fund information leaflet