(originally posted on 16th July 2019)

Last month we met again to discuss the progress on Tim’s fund. As a small group of family, friends, former mentors of Tim it was an exciting time together. We were amazed to see the generosity of so many and prayed that God would go before us in the planning and preparation as we hope to see the money used in the coming months. 

Tim’s dad, Rob encouraged us with some verses from Peter’s sermon from Acts 2. Peter, a friend of Jesus, known for his fierce declarations of commitment to following Christ and yet when the rubber hit the road he denied even knowing him. Now in the book of Acts, Peter has seen the resurrected Christ and has been filled with the Holy Spirit. He testifies confidently to a huge crowd about God’s rescue plan for the world.

We are praying that people whose lives have been changed by meeting Jesus will be trained up using the money from the fund. And through their confident proclamation of the gospel, whether that be one on one with friends, in small groups or to huge crowds like Peter, many would hear the good news about Jesus.