(originally posted on 15th January 2019)

The idea for the fund came about in the year following Tim’s passing, back in December 2015.

One of Tim’s fellow elders at Beechwood Chapel realised that there was potential to leave a lasting legacy of one of Tim’s greatest passions – training Christians to better serve their church and share the gospel. After approaching Tim’s family members with the idea (which was gladly received) a small group met to discuss next steps. This set the ball rolling until eventually more trusted men and women were invited to bring their expertise and experience to the table, and with the North West Partnership kindly willing to oversee incoming and outgoing finances –  here we are.

From here on in we hope that any money raised will be used to train young men and women to serve within their local Church context.

…your labour in the Lord is not in vain. (1 Cor 15)